Shippin' Out 4/10-4/14: Tomb Raider, Auto Assault, Odama

Lara Croft returns with guns blazing, NCsoft hits roads with guns blazing, and Yoot Saito's latest arrives on GameCube with strategic military pinballs rolling.


Over in the real world, it's a decidedly lowbrow kind of week. Martial arts movie star Steven Seagal is no doubt celebrating his 55th birthday with Zenlike violence, while Beverly Hills 90210 star Shannon Doherty turns 35, Ed O'Neill (Al Bundy of Married… with Children fame) hits 60, and Extreme Championship Wrestling fans mourn the fifth anniversary of the federation's demise. Meanwhile, erudite cinephiles might want to steer clear of the multiplex this weekend to avoid the release of Scary Movie 4, and the New Release section at any DVD retailer might be compromised as well, thanks to Spymate, a secret agent monkey movie from the producer of Air Bud (chances are it's no Lancelot Link).

The game world offers some respite this week, however. The high-concept, military-pinball-real-time-strategy mishmash that is Odama is now shipping for the GameCube, as are the Xbox 360 editions of the American pastime, Major League Baseball 2K6, and the multiplayer-driven first-person shooter Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.

Looking a little deeper into the week, Eidos makes its bid to return the Tomb Raider franchise to glory with Tomb Raider: Legend on the PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360, and PC, while Electronic Arts cranks out another Sims 2 expansion with Family Fun Stuff.

Sega is bringing its first-person bludgeoner Condemned to the PC, SNK Playmore introduces the latest installment of the King of Fighters franchise with NeoWave for the Xbox. Finally, the week ends with a bang (and a screeching of tires), as NCsoft's long-awaited PC massively multiplayer online vehicular combat game Auto Assault screeches into stores, and MLB 2K6 returns to the new release wall once again, this time for the PSP.

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Odama (GC)
Major League Baseball 2K6 (Xbox 360)
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (Xbox 360)

APRIL 11, 2006
The Sims 2: Family Fun Stuff (PC)
Tomb Raider: Legend (PS2, PC, Xbox 360, Xbox)
Stacked with Daniel Negreanu (PC, Xbox)
Condemned: Criminal Origins (PC)
Classified: The Sentinel Crisis (Xbox)
Real World Golf (Xbox, PS2)
The King of Fighters NeoWave (Xbox)
Samurai Champloo: Sidetracked (PS2)
Hummer Badlands (PS2, Xbox)
OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast (Xbox)
Army Men: Major Malfunction (Xbox)
Monster Rancher EVO (PS2)
Cabbage Patch Kids: Patch Puppy Rescue (GBA)

APRIL 12, 2006
Bone: The Great Cow Race (PC)

APRIL 13, 2006
Auto Assault (PC)
Major League Baseball 2K6 (PSP)

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