Shippin' Out 2/26-3/2: Baseballing, snowboarding, and Ocarina-ing

New releases MLB 2K7, SSX Blur, DDR 360, Sims expansion get competition from a legendary game.


Following a week in which some big names such as Virtua Fighter 5, Sonic and the Secret Rings, and Crackdown hit stores, it seemed the first week of March had its work cut out for it. However, with new releases hitting every major platform and one downloadable treat from the mid-'90s, this week certainly is holding its own.

The US may be getting pelted with rainstorms, but that doesn't mean the virtual baseball diamonds are soggy. Out today are two games based on America's pastime--MLB 2K7 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable and MLB 07: The Show for the PS2 and PSP.

SSX Blur.
SSX Blur.

While inclement weather spells doom and gloom for baseball fans, snowboarders thrive on it. Electronic Arts is giving Wii owners a ride to the top of the mountain with SSX Blur, the debut of the series on the new crop of consoles and an exclusive to the system.

EA is also looking at the elements with its latest expansion pack for The Sims 2. The Sims 2 Seasons brings seasonal-themed activities, objects, and clothing to gamers' mini alter egos, along with weather effects. But the additions aren't just cosmetic--seasonal changes can have an impact on Sims' moods and relationships.

Other notable choices for gamers browsing stores include Formula One Championship Edition for the PS3, Bullet Witch and Dance Dance Revolution Universe for the Xbox 360, Chili Con Carnage and Marvel Trading Card Game for the PSP, and Jade Empire: Special Edition for the PC.

Ocarina of Time = Bo Derek.
Ocarina of Time = Bo Derek.

But those looking for a perfect 10 may want to just turn their clocks back and peruse the Wii's Virtual Console. On Monday, Nintendo released The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, considered by many to be one of the best games ever made, on the download service.

FEBRUARY 26, 2007
Jade Empire: Special Edition (PC)
Major League Baseball 2K7 (PS3, Xbox 360, PS2, PSP)
MLB 07: The Show (PS2)
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Wii via Virtual Console)
Bio-Hazard Battle (Wii via Virtual Console)
Chew Man Fu (Wii via Virtual Console)

FEBRUARY 27, 2007
Formula One Championship Edition (PS3)
SSX Blur (Wii)
Bullet Witch (Xbox 360)
Dance Dance Revolution Universe (Xbox 360)
Samurai Warriors 2 Empires (Xbox 360, PS2)
Lumines Plus (PS2)
300: March to Glory (PSP)
Chili Con Carnage (PSP)
Marvel Trading Card Game (PSP)
MLB 07: The Show (PSP)
Meteos: Disney Magic (DS)
The Sims 2 Seasons (PC)

FEBRUARY 28, 2007
Alien Hominid HD (Xbox 360 via Live Arcade)

MARCH 2, 2007
Great Invasions (PC)

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Avatar image for moesatriani

I remember playing Ocarina of Time when I was a kid. I remember really liking that game a lot. I think that it is really cool that they are releasing it again so that more people can play it. I can see it in my minds eye now. I can see the master sword and doing a lot of rolls in Gerudo Valley. I remember it looking just like sand box sand.

Avatar image for poncho88x

I see ppl asking wat will they give zelda are u kiddin me they already reviewed it 10.0 great game they dont need to do it again its the same game. wat u think they are going to compare it to the games now but to our amazement they did and it was the same thing they must have nuthin else to do there its the same game thats all i got to say the buttons changee and thats about all..

Avatar image for rudyHG

I don't know if I like this concept of treating the VC games like regular releases -- with ship dates and reviews and such. Mind you, I love the Wii, but do we really want to treat 10 year old ports as though they are new games?

Avatar image for Chief_Kuuni

zelda baby

Avatar image for Weirddude900

zelda best game ever

Avatar image for link631

zelda is awsome!!!

Avatar image for Alcotamaysees

I wonder what gamespot will give zelda?

Avatar image for Just_Snake

Great! --- Kick ass sites: [url]<< LINK REMOVED >>[/url] [url]<< LINK REMOVED >>[/url] [url]<< LINK REMOVED >>[/url] / [url]<< LINK REMOVED >>[/url]

Avatar image for neomorph03

actually p2rus..according to your statement you said there was only 1 on playstation 1..when actually there were 2..i remember a game call Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions..for someone who is supposed to know what they are talking about your not very smart

Avatar image for p2rus

ok so thats 1 mgs game on the xbox...1 on ps 4 on ps2 1 on ps3... ok stop talking

Avatar image for xtremeg4m3r

"Metal Gear Solid 2:Substance was on xbox thank you much..with that in mind i assure you MGS4 will be on 360..pwned" NInja foot said: Your logic is a slight stretch, to put it mildly. Until an announcement is official, then all you are doing is guessing. THANK YOU

Avatar image for MegaManX9101

wait... blur is out? i had no idea... XD

Avatar image for neomorph03

i'm not guessing for those who get gameinformer magazine..its in an article they had with hideo kojima..who in my own words said "dont be surprised to see MGS4 be a multi-platform game."

Avatar image for NinjaFoot

"Metal Gear Solid 2:Substance was on xbox thank you much..with that in mind i assure you MGS4 will be on 360..pwned" Your logic is a slight stretch, to put it mildly. Until an announcement is official, then all you are doing is guessing, regardless.

Avatar image for vestalboy

MLB2K7 is so good it's scary. If you like MLB and own a 360, stop reading and go out and buy it immediately. I'm serious.

Avatar image for crozzan

Almost gives me tears of joy.

Avatar image for neomorph03

Metal Gear Solid 2:Substance was on xbox thank you much..with that in mind i assure you MGS4 will be on 360..pwned

Avatar image for p2rus

yeah well it usees blu-ray, so im just saying, and also what are you smoking. since when has mgs3 snake eater or substinance been on the xbox? mgs4 is for the ps3, and just get used to it...

Avatar image for neomorph03

I know a bluray player is 1000 bucks and a ps3 is 600..but last i checked the ps3 was meant for high def gaming..not a DVD thats a stupid argument. And for the third time MGS4 will be on 360 mark my words..there are at least 4 on xbox to say it wont be on 360 means you obviously know nothing about gaming..i work in electronics at target i can tell you we have 4 360's compared to 19 ps3' do the math

Avatar image for p2rus

neomorph03 1) blu-ray isnt worse than HD DVD, show me a link to all of your bs, and the ps3 has a lot of games coming out...Final Fantasy. Is Final Fantasy 13 coming out on another console? no. so its a ps3 exclusive. is mgs4 coming out on another console? no. so its a ps3 exclusive. the argument that snake is on super smash brothers means that mgs4 is useless is weak. And why buy zelda for the wii when you can get take out the n64, you complain that sony is trying to suck you dry, and then buy a game that you already own? hypocrite. And saying that SOCOM and GoW are the only two good games for the ps is weak. PS has the ultimate catalog, and the ps3 will bulid off the already large library. ps3 isnt overpriced, a bluray player costs a grand... and the ps3 is 500

Avatar image for SpaceMoose

How many people are there really that both: 1. Have a Nintendo Wii 2. Have not played Ocarina of Time to death? Please don't encourage these overpriced old games that you've already beaten by buying them, no matter how good they are. The game industry these days is hard enough for new talent to make money in.

Avatar image for ranman1990

neomorph03 u crack me up man ... all that info is so true .... the 360 is way more superior then ps3 , everything the ps3 comes out with will mostly always go on to the other systems ... GoW and SoCOM are the only series sony really has ... yea it kinda sounds like im reapeating what neomorph03 is sayin but i 100% totally agree with him .

Avatar image for neomorph03

ticalmc2k2..maybe ffXIII..but im willing to put 100 bucks says MGS4 will be on 360 eventually. Forza owns Gran Turismo..Ratchet and Clank no thank you..whatever. And by God of War pretty sure the PS3 will have had a price drop so maybe then..but everyone knows its overpriced right now. I mean Sony has maybe two good series..God of War and SOCOM..are the only two good ones. You can't say Final Fantasy as it is not Sony only..when FFCC 2 comes out on Wii and dont forget 360 has FFXI..XBox has Halo, Gears of War, Forza..Wii has Mario, Zelda, Super Smash Brothers (which has Snake in it) which therefore eliminates MGS as a Sony only title..not to mention that the original metal gear was an NES was final without nintendo there would be no playstation or xbox and you cant argue that.

Avatar image for datniccah187

i really want to pick up 2k7 baseball, but i'm still playing NBA 2k7, and if i played both i would have zero time for any other game. Definately picking up Alien Hominid later 2night or tomorrow though.

Avatar image for comthitnuong

O yea Alien Hominid. I need to get that.

Avatar image for Ironclash

Well, March looks like a fun month for gaming.

Avatar image for ticalmc2k2

neomorph3, grow up with your lame "Link will chop Snake in half" jokes. HD-DVD sales are lower than Blu-Ray and give me links on these "9 out of 10 prefer HD-DVD" cus that's BS. The HD player for 360 is low quality compared to stand alones, the PS3 Blu-ray player is even better than some of the standalones. And about nothing for PS3 but Resistance, for now. Once FFXIII, MGS4, DMC4, GT5, R&C, T6, GoW3, and others are out you'll be right back on the PS bandwagon.

Avatar image for eric2mrng

ah ocarina of time i have missed you! ssx blur sounds good, waiting for some reviews before i buy..

Avatar image for orcbuster

You migth as well dub the virtual console Nostalgia heaven. Still not sure if I'm getting a Wii though, but I must say that twiligth princess sounds awfully sweet. I wonder if Wii can get me to love nintendo again. The gamecube migth as well be called lamecube.

Avatar image for bluedevil64

and what exactly is that sweet blu ray player doing for the ps3 other than making you pay throu gh the nose for it? letting you watch a vast (snickering) library of movie titles in slightly better definition than a standard dvd in progressive scan for a mere $10 more per disc? letting you play these huge games like oblivion that the standard dvd won't hold? until the price comes down, you can keep the ps3 and looking at how many are in stock at retailers, i'm far from alone in my sentiments.

Avatar image for neomorph03

p2rus again you have proved you are a noob..1.) if you look at the the reviews for HD-DVD and Blue-Ray..9 out of 10 say HD-DVD is better overall..and what system has HD-DVD..oh yes 360. And Yes Link will chop Snake in half and than steal his cigs and smoke them while he plays the metal gear theme song on his ocarina..pwned

Avatar image for p2rus

neomorph03 since when is mgs4 going to 360, show me a link. Mgs4 is staying right here with the ps3. wait. will link chop up snake too? get real. some awsome games are starting to come out for the ps3. oh yeah and the 360 and the wii have blu-ray, dont they?

Avatar image for AntoniustheGrey

That is awesome you can download it now. Sony needs to learn to offer more content like that of theirs!

Avatar image for m4st3r_link

Ocarina pwns all!!! Welcome back good old friend it has been so long since I've last played you (13 hours to be exact), can't live without this game :D!!

Avatar image for coolguy681

Ocarina of Time best game ever.

Avatar image for turboking005

Sweet. A busy week we have here!

Avatar image for ranman1990

@neomorph03 finally a sony fan speaks the truth lol

Avatar image for linkz22

oot owns all those games

Avatar image for neomorph03

I have every right to be Anti-Sony..I have a PS2 which is better than a PS3 for the simple fact of the games. I dont care how old the PS2 is..360 and Wii have games everyone wants to play the PS3 has the games that every other system has..with exception to resistance, genji(crap) and F1. And with the announcement that MGS will be on 360..Sony has absolutely nothing to give to its fans that other console owners can get themselves.

Avatar image for munsoned

ive never tried Dance Dance Revolution be4 looks like a fun game me and my gf could play..

Avatar image for ticalmc2k2

neomorph03 "ticalmac2k2..i am no fanboy i have a wii yes..but i also have a 360..and if Link cant chop the PS3 down to size with his sword..I'm sure Marcus Fenix can chainsaw it to death..cause last i checked..Gears of War singlehandedle outsoled the PS3 and its best game Resistance(which i will say i do want to play) how you can call me a fanboy makes no sense" You just proved again your a fanboy with your other comment. I didn't say you were a Wii fanboy. You're the Anti-Sony fanboy.

Avatar image for zeecorner

i thought that pic was a naked chick at first, i was like, "whoa, someone at gamespot is in trouble!"

Avatar image for Spartan8907

They forgot Motorstorm. It comes out in less than a week now.

Avatar image for stephenbpronovo

this week is dull, im waiting for FORZA 2

Avatar image for neomorph03

ticalmac2k2..i am no fanboy i have a wii yes..but i also have a 360..and if Link cant chop the PS3 down to size with his sword..I'm sure Marcus Fenix can chainsaw it to death..cause last i checked..Gears of War singlehandedle outsoled the PS3 and its best game Resistance(which i will say i do want to play) how you can call me a fanboy makes no sense

Avatar image for Miracle_Air

I hope Blur will live up to expectations...

Avatar image for jpfondeur

Overhyped, it's just an old game, It's a GREAT old game, but come on, it can't compare.

Avatar image for pro666007

F1 can wait to get my hands on it

Avatar image for ticalmc2k2

neomorph03 "F1 may be gorgeous..but Link will take the Biggeron's Sword and slice the stupid car and the stupid PS3 in half" Get a life fanboy. honkyjesus, F1 came out today as well and it's the best Formula One to ever come out, unfortunately a lot of people don't like technical and realistic racing so it's not too popular.

Avatar image for GFofgaming

Nothing interesting.

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