Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu details released

Square Enix reveals details on The Legend of Mana game in development for the Game Boy Advance.


Details regarding Square Enix's upcoming Nintendo Game Boy Advance release Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu were revealed in the latest issue of Jump magazine. Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu, which can be translated as The Legend of Mana: The New Testament, is an arranged version of Seiken Densetsu (Final Fantasy Adventure in North America), which was released in 1991 for the original Game Boy. Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu can be played with two characters, the hero or the heroine, and the storyline will change depending on which character is selected.

The hero of Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu is a 17-year-old boy who fights as a slave gladiator in the principality of Grans. He seeks revenge against the leader of Grans, Shadow Knight, who killed his parents five years ago. The heroine, who is also 17 years old, is a descendent of the Mana tribe. She was raised in the hidden village of the Mana until she was 10 years old, when the village's elder ordered her to travel around the world on a mission. The key to the game's storyline seems to be Shadow Knight, who can be seen in a number of images published with the article, calling the Mana a pagan tribe and saying that the empire became evil due to the power of the Mana.

While not much has been revealed about the gameplay system, the ring system from the Super Famicom version will be featured in the GBA game. Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu is scheduled for release in the summer.

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