Shiny, The Collective twisted into Double Helix

Foundation 9 gives its recently combined studio a new name, says team is working on three new licensed multiplatform games.


Consolidation has been big news in gaming recently. But with headlines dominated by Activision's merger with Vivendi Games, Electronic Arts buying BioWare/Pandemic, and that same publisher's attempt to purchase Take-Two Interactive, some other unions have been largely overlooked.

Foundation 9 Entertainment did its part to return the merging of its Shiny and The Collective studios to news pages today as it unveiled the Irvine, California-based outfit's new name, Double Helix. The studio currently has three projects on its plate, all of them multiplatform titles based on licensed properties.

The Double Helix name and logo were both chosen from a variety of employee submissions, which studio head Michael Saxs Persson said should help the developers feel "a certain level of ownership" over the company.

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