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Shiny Cramorant Appearing In Pokemon Sword And Shield Max Raids [Last Chance]

If players can collectively beat 1 million Cramorant, The Pokemon Company will also distribute a variety of helpful and valuable items.


Pokemon Sword and Shield's previously announced Cramorant Max Raid event is coming to an end in just a few hours. As part of the event, a handful of Pokemon featured in the series' latest animated film, Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle, are appearing more frequently in Max Raid dens, including Quagsire, Flygon, Golurk, and female Indeedee, and you'll have a chance to encounter Shiny Cramorant in five-star Raid battles.

The overarching goal of this Max Raid event is for players to defeat as many Cramorant as they can, with different rewards available depending on how many of the Pokemon are defeated before the event ends. If players can collectively beat more than 500,000 Cramorant, The Pokemon Company will distribute a Flame Orb, a Toxic Orb, and a Light Ball to everyone via Mystery Gift.

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If players can collectively beat more than 1 million Cramorant, The Pokemon Company will give away all of the aforementioned items as well as one Gold Bottle Cap, three regular Bottle Caps, and three Pearl Strings. The former two can be used to Hyper Train your Pokemon at the Battle Tower in Wyndon, while the Pearl Strings can be sold for a lot of money at shops.

The Cramorant Max Raid event ends at 3:59 PM PT / 6:59 PM ET on February 8, while the rewards will be distributed via Mystery Gift from February 9-28. Before the event Pokemon can begin appearing in your game, you'll first need to refresh your Raid dens either by connecting online via the Y-Comm or by selecting Get the Wild Area News from the Mystery Gift menu.

Following the Cramorant event, February's Max Raid event will resume until the end of the month. As part of that event, certain Fighting and Psychic Pokemon such as Lucario, Falinks, Gothitelle, and Reuniclus will appear more frequently in Max Raid dens, and you'll have a better chance of encountering Gigantamax forms of Machamp and Orbeetle.

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