Shinobido sneaking PSP sequel in October

Stealthy Shinobido: Homura will feature new game modes, support downloads of custom missions created in the previous games' level editors.


Shinobido Homura: Soul of the Ninja

New details are out on Shinobido: Homura, the PlayStation Portable follow-up to Acquire's stealthy PlayStation 2 games Shinobido: Imashime and Shinobido: Takumi. The July 28 issue of Weekly Famitsu provides an update on how the game is shaping up and what new game modes users can expect to tiptoe through.

There will be several modes of play to choose from: National Tour, Mission Play, and ad hoc modes. The National Tour mode features 80 missions set in various locations around Japan. Players will have to complete various goals, such as assassinating targets, transporting items, wiping out groups of enemies, and taking on bodyguard duties. Completion of assignments earns experience points, which accumulate toward leveling up the character. Completing specific levels also unlocks new playable characters, of which there are 30 in all.

One of the unique features of Shinobido: Imashime was its level editor. This led to the expansion pack Takumi, which was a collection of fan-contributed levels. Homura will also take advantage of this feature, as it is compatible with level data from Imashime and Takumi. By linking the PSP to the PS2's USB ports, custom level data can be downloaded and played in the Mission Play mode. Characters from the previous games can also be downloaded.

The ad hoc mode, which allows battles between up to four players, will also support downloaded custom levels.

Shinobido: Homura is scheduled for release in Japan on October 26 and is priced at 5,040 yen (about $43.40). There's no word yet of a North American release.

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