Shinobi confirmed for Europe

SCEE and Sega Europe announce that this classic action game remake will be released in Europe later this year.


Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Sega Europe have today announced that a distribution deal has been signed to release the PS2 version of Shinobi in Europe in May. The game, which is inspired by Sega's classic ninja action series that dates back to 1987, has been developed by Sega's Overworks team and has been available in North America since November last year.

In Shinobi, players assume the role of a ninja named Hotsuma, who, unlike most ninjas that appear in games, shuns shadows and the art of stealth in favor of chopping up enemies with his cursed ninja sword and a handful of throwing knives. For more information on Shinobi, check out our full review of the North American version of the game.

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