Shining Force returns to PS2

Sega confirms US release for latest installment in hybrid role-playing series, reemphasizes strategic component of the series.


Shining Force EXA

Last fall, Sega released Shining Force Neo on the PlayStation 2 in the US. While it carried the name of the fan-favorite role-playing strategy franchise that dates back to the Sega Genesis, it played more like an action role-playing game. Instead of turn-based battles, it favored real-time dungeon-crawling closer to what could be found in Diablo or Baldur's Gate.

Sega today announced that it is also bringing the latest PS2 installment in the series, Shining Force EXA, to domestic shores. And while it's still being billed as an action RPG, the publisher is promising to inject more strategy into the game with a new Fortress System and altered party-command abilities.

The Fortress System charges players with protecting a Geo Fortress, a home base of their own designs. When players embark on quests, they'll need to leave party members behind to hold the fort, and occasionally switch control to that group in order to fend off enemy invasions. Sega said the Geo Fortress will grow "to match players' personal style and tactics" as they progress through the game.

As for the game's story, players will take control of the warrior Toma and the sorceress Cyrille, two inhabitants of a world ravaged by unending strife. With the two main combatant nations deadlocked, the player must fulfill Toma's destiny and restore peace to the world.

Sega did not indicate a time frame for the game's release.

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