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Shigeru Miyamoto Dodges "When's The Next Mario Game?" Question In Style

He's the master of deflection.


Shigeru Miyamoto inevitably gets asked when the next Mario game is during promotions for The Mario Super Bros. Movie, and he always has coy answers ready.

During a Variety interview, after the interviewer asks when we can expect the next Mario game, Miyamoto replies, "Please stay tuned for future Nintendo Directs."

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Does that mean a Nintendo Direct in the near future, or a Nintendo Direct next year? Or perhaps the year after? No one knows. It's a perfect deflection. Miyamoto was asked a similar question during an IGN interview, and he replied, "Nintendo is always working on Mario."

Mario is Nintendo's biggest IPs, so players probably don't have to worry about the next Mario game not coming--it's only a matter of when, something Miyamoto doesn't have an answer to for players yet.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie comes out in theaters on April 5, and ahead of the release, reviews are trickling in. You can check out our sister site Metacritic for a comprehensive overview.

In GameSpot's own The Super Mario Bros. movie review, critic Phil Owen gave the movie an 8/10. "Folks have been having all sorts of emotional turmoil about this new Super Mario Bros. Movie since the moment it was announced that Guardians of the Galaxy and Lego Movie star Chris Pratt would provide the voice of Mario," Owen said. "All that gnashing of teeth was for nothing, though. The Super Mario Bros. Movie is both pretty funny and also just plain pretty--this movie is a feast for the eyes."

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