Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One Gameplay Trailer Reveals New Setting, Combat, And More

Check out the first gameplay trailer for the new Sherlock Holmes game.


The first gameplay trailer for developer Frogwares' new Sherlock Holmes game has arrived, showing off what the studio calls a "no hand-holding investigation adventure."

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One takes place on the fictional island of Cordona, where a young Sherlock and his friend Jon grew up and are now returning. Holmes' mother has died mysteriously, and they are tasked with solving the case.

The trailer not only shows off some of the varied environments of Cordona, but the new combat mechanics as well Sherlock can shoot guns, but he can also use "tricks and distractions" to get the upper hand. Sometimes, Sherlock will just punch people in the face to get the job done.

The new Sherlock Holmes gameplay trailer also shows off some of the investigation systems in the game. The "Mind Palace" allows players to track clues and make educated guesses about a scene or sequence in particular. Players can also wear disguises to go undercover and get previous intel to help solve the mysteries. There is also a morality system of sorts that can lead to accusations different suspects based on how they translate the clues in question.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One launches in 2021 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, as well as PS4 and Xbox One.

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