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Shenmue Mod for Dead or Alive 5 Adds Playable Ryo and Lan Di

It's not Shenmue III, but it beats getting nothing.

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A Dead or Alive modder is doing what Sega won't: Giving us Shenmue in HD. Sort of.

Reddit user Esppiral has revealed a mod for the PC version of Dead or Alive 5 that introduces Shenmue characters into the game. These aren't full characters built from scratch; they're simply retextured versions of existing fighters.

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At this point, the mod consists of Shenmue protagonist Ryo Hazuki (using Jacky Bryant as a base model) and antagonist Lan Di. To go along with the two characters is a dojo level resembling the one seen in Shenmue.

You can check out some more screenshots of the mod below, or get download links and updates from the creator on Reddit.

There is a contingent of fans intent on convincing Sega to continue the Shenmue series, the story of which remains unresolved after Shenmue II. Last year, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that the request he gets most is often is a new Shenmue, though he noted that it isn't up to him, what with the franchise belonging to Sega.

Sega hasn't completely ignored Shenmue since the release of the second game; there was a canceled MMO, a Japan-only mobile game that has since been shut down, and a playable version of Ryo in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Outside of that, though, there has been nothing--a fact only made worse by a fake trademark filing in 2013.

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