She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Gets First Trailer, Release Date

There's another Hulk in the MCU, but she's doing things a little differently from her cousin in her new Disney+ series.


The first trailer for Marvel's upcoming She-Hulk series is finally here. Along with the trailer comes our first look at New York's very tall green attorney, accompanied by a release date set for late this summer.

The show is officially titled She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, and we'll be able to watch it exactly three months from now on August 17. The trailer introduces us to Jennifer Walters, cousin of Bruce Banner. Here, we see her acting as the lead attorney for a new superhuman law division at her law firm.

The trailer creatively skips around just how Jennifer gets her powers. In the comics, the powers usually come as a result of a blood transfusion from Bruce--hence the cousin link. The MCU is no stranger to tweaking how powers are obtained and used, though; the upcoming Ms. Marvel series, for example, which debuts on June 8, has Kamala Khan getting her powers from a set of mystical bracelets. In the comics, Terrigen mists activate her powers along with many other people with latent Inhuman biology. Jennifer could get her powers from another source, such as the briefly-appearing Abomination, played by a returning Tim Roth.

We get a good idea of Jennifer's outlook from the short trailer, and it suggests a funny show is waiting for us later this year, but the CGI used to place lead Tatiana Maslany's face onto the much-larger body of She-Hulk looks unfinished--hopefully they'll do some work to improve the lighting and visual effects before the show hits, as bad CGI could kill a project like this even before it gets going. With how well they managed to merge Mark Ruffalo and the Hulk, though, both in the Avengers films and this trailer, it seems like they'll probably figure it out.

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law debuts on Disney+ on August 17. Tatiana Maslany stars as She-Hulk, and the series will feature Mark Ruffalo reprising his role as Hulk. Also along for the ride are Tim Roth returning as the Abomination, and Jameela Jamil premiering as She-Hulk's rival Titania.

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