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Sharp Making Displays For New Game Console, Adding Speculation For Switch 2 - Report

The corporation didn't name what company it is working with on the device.


Sharp is reportedly supplying LCD screens for a new video game system, though just which company it's partnering with is unclear. The company has worked with Nintendo in the past and thus this adds fuel to the fire about Switch 2 rumors.

BBN Bloomberg reports Sharp CEO Robert Wu was especially cagey to avoid tipping off anyone about what company it was teaming with for the unannounced device. In fact, Sharp apparently removed presentation slides about it after an analyst call.

"I can't comment on any details regarding specific customers," Wu said on that call. "But as to a new gaming console, we've been involved in its R&D stage."

Nintendo Switch hardware sales are slowing down, prompting more speculation that a Switch successor will arrive sooner than later. But Nintendo recently confirmed it won't release new hardware during its current fiscal year, which runs through March 2024. This comes after Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser said the company has nothing to say about a Switch 2 a couple of months ago. Nikkei Asia has heard development is "progressing well" on the Switch successor.

Sharp also could be working alongside a company to produce a Steam Deck competitor, similar to the Asus ROG Ally. There have also been rumors about a PlayStation cloud-streaming handheld under development at Sony.

As for Nintendo, August might give us a look at what's next for the company.

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