SharkByte announces M.O.S.

Fledgling developer SharkByte Software launches an official site for its first game, a massively multiplayer tactical role-playing shooter.



SharkByte Software has today launched an official Web site for its first game M.O.S. (Military Occupational Specialty), which the company intriguingly describes as a futuristic military-based massively multiplayer tactical role-playing shooter.

"After many questions from industry insiders inquiring about our initial project we decided to launch this Web site to reveal our project while still in the development phase to satisfy the curiosity of inquiring minds," said Carlos Sandoval, CEO at SharkByte. "We are incorporating the popular features of role-playing games and first-person shooter games with our own unique features to create what will become the next genre of online gaming."

Players will assume the role of a young recruit with one of the three warring factions (known as shards in the game) on the planet Balii. After completing a number of low-risk missions to increase their character's stats and fulfilling their obligation to the shard, players will have the option to remain within their chosen shard and advance up the ranks by fighting in battles and completing further missions, or can decide to go it alone in an attempt to make their fortune on the frontier.

The official M.O.S. Web site launched today contains further gameplay details, a frequently asked questions section, its own forum, and sections detailing the game's three different shards. No release date of publisher has been announced for M.O.S. at this time, but we'll bring you more information on this intriguing game as it becomes available.

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