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This week, we talk about Quake coverage and a new addition to the Weekly Report: the Big Shot Bounty!


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QuakeCon 2011
We're getting ready for QuakeCon 2011; Jody, Maxwell, and Ryan have made their way down south to good ol' Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas, to cover the event. What can you expect to see this year? How about Skyrim, Rage, and, of course, QUAKE! Be sure to stay tuned to our exclusive QuakeCon Coverage for more details.

Resistance 3 Beta Code Giveaway
You want codes for the Resistance 3 beta? Well, you've come to the right place. GameSpot will be giving away dozens of beta codes through Twitter, Fuse, YouTube, Sync, and, of course, On the Spot. Click on this link for more details about our Resistance 3 Beta giveaway.

Big Shot Bounty
In this week's Big Shot Bounty, we're giving away one of the exclusive Ace Combat models that were given away during SDCC 2011. If you want to get your hands on this little critter, check this out for more details.

Boards of Wisdom

-General Games Discussion
Black_Knight_00 asks, "If Nintendo ends up like Sega, would it be so bad?"
-Off Topic
topsemag55 asks, "How much do you post on GS on a monthly basis?
-System Wars
Swift_Boss_A discusses "Destroying a current-gen series to resurrect an old favorite IP/series".

Member Spotlight

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This week's Member Spotlight shines on Elk. The mobile wizard has struck again with his hilarious and entertaining video PSA about a highly addictive tower defense game called "Tiny Tower" for the Android.

GameSpot Spotlight Channel

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Here are this week's featured videos from our GameSpot Spotlight Channel
-Wii on U: A song of love and devotion to the up and coming Wii U.(Rated M for Mature)
-Tiny Tower GameSpotter Elk talks about a new game for his Android.
-The Dinner Party: A girl with a dream of inviting a certain Dragon Age II character to dinner.

Union of the Week

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The RPG Temple has been around since February of 2006. It has over 1,800 members and is one cool place to talk about all things RPG. Its leader, SavoyPrime, holds a very active place in this guild, offering fun discussions among his union members. Some of the recent bulletins have been dedicated to Bastion, Dungeon Siege III, and Fallout: New Vegas.

Blog Bunker

- Aberinkulas firmly declares that "Phones are not killing dedicated portable devices."
- The_Game21x ponders the fate of dedicated gaming handles.
- xSlider257 shares an Australian interview of Diablo III.
- Setho10 asks, "Are Mobile Games Actually Games?"
- c_rake gives us some insight into his Resistance 3 experience.
- adam1808 offers a captivating blog titled, "Underneath the Spreading Chesnut Tree".
- Pierst179 talks about hard times.
- Asagea_888 shares awesome gaming plans for August.
- pokecharm shares her latest "Year of the Game" update.
- jamesglover101 asks, "Have you booked your tickets to Dead Island?"
- IslandBros15 discusses Voltorb: The Demon Pokemon.
- TechnologoDoom talks about E.Y.E Divine Cybermany Impressions.
- shabulia wonders is Capcom helping or hurting Street Fighter?
- TristanH12 discusses Bleach - Soul Resurreccion.

User Reviews

- sequekhan: Diablo
- dark_being: Duke Nukem Forever
- Gelugon_baat: The Thing
- PAJ89: Cthulhu Saves the World
- ZanarkandTidus: Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage
- ax_prime_basic: Killzone 3
- AzelKosMos: Spider-Man - Shattered Dimensions
- AK_the_Twilight: The Dishwasher - Vampire Smile
- mattsn22: Final Fantasy XIII
- Cloud_765: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 - Episode 1
- GeekyDad: Resident Evil - The Mercenaries 3D
- Maluigi: Conker - Live and Reloaded

Staff Fingerprints

- RicardoT discusses how GameSpot feeds your App-etite.
- Sophia discusses the joys of TNT; anyone else a little worried?
- Kevin VanOrd asks, "If a real-life insecurity appeared in your nightmares as a video game boss, what would it be like?" And the winner receives a Catherine art book and soundtrack!


-Our first shout-out goes to Yager_Zero for being chosen Moderator of the Month for August!
-Our second shout-out goes to the new owners of the Top 500 Reviewer Emblem:
TechnologoDoom, 1PMrFister, Bamul, Goyoshi12, bowlingotter

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