Shark Movie "The Shallows" Starring Blake Lively Gets Scary First Trailer

"What was once in the deep, is now in the shallows."


A new trailer for The Shallows, a shark-themed thriller starring Blake Lively, was released today. It showcases Lively's character, Mia, screaming for help, stranded on a rock as a shark circles around her. Presumably, Mia will need to get off the rock--but going in the water seems like a bad idea. Check it out:

"What was once in the deep, is now in the shallows," reads a line from the trailer. As you can see, Mia is not far from shore, but a massive shark is close by, making the trip back to land ultra-perilous.

How did she get on that rock in the first place? Mia, grieving after losing her mother, goes surfing in an "isolated area," according to Entertainment Weekly. The film opens in June.

It was directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, who helmed action movies Run All Night and Non-Stop.

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