Shantae Advance announced

WayForward Technologies is working on a GBA sequel to its colorful 2D platform game. First screens inside.


Shantae Advance

WayForward Technologies has today announced that it's working on a sequel to its Game Boy Color 2D platform game Shantae . Shantae Advance will see players reprising the titular role of a young belly-dancing genie named Shantae who is able to whip enemies with her hair and can change into a number of different creature forms that give her additional abilities, such as those of flying, digging, climbing, swimming, and diving. Creature forms that become available to players as they progress through the game include a mermaid, an elephant, and a monkey.

The game's storyline will see players attempting to save the magical Sequin Land from the nefarious lady-pirate Risky Boots. In addition to the single-player game, Shantae Advance will feature an all-new multiplayer battle mode for up to four players. No release date or publisher for Shantae Advance has been confirmed at this time, but we'll bring you more information on the game as soon as it becomes available.

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