Shank slices up XBLA this week

Microsoft Store Update: Klei's stylized hack-and-slash title hits download hub alongside Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game; Games on Demand titles delayed until "hopefully tomorrow."


No Caption Provided Though Microsoft's five-game Summer of Arcade campaign is now over, the company is continuing to release higher-profile downloadable titles this week. Two new Xbox Live Arcade titles are coming to the download space this week, including a blood-spattered adventure and an 8-bit nerd spectacular.

Leading the pack this week is Klei Entertainment's Shank (1,200 MS points, or $15). The 2D title sports a graphic-novel-like visual approach and gore in abundance. The sanguineous adventure casts players as Shank, a man betrayed by his family and left to die. As Shank, players will fight through varied levels, unlock new melee and ranged weapons along the way, and meet distinct bosses at the climax of each stage.

That boss is about to get shanked.
That boss is about to get shanked.

Also fighting its way to XBLA this week is Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game (800 MS points, or $10). True to the graphic novels and film, the rock-and-roll action love story due out Wednesday follows Scott Pilgrim and his attempt to date the bewitching Ramona by defeating her seven evil exes. The four-player offline brawler takes the premise of the original comics and combines it with side-scrolling action. It also features 8-bit art by renowned pixel artist Paul Robertson.

Microsoft did not add any Games on Demand titles to its virtual store today. A company spokesperson announced this morning that the titles have been delayed, and the unspecified games will "hopefully" be live tomorrow.

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