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Shadows of the Damned delayed to June 21

Suda 51 and Shinji Mikami's hell-bound action thriller collaboration for PS3 and Xbox 360 gets pushed back two weeks.


Judgment Day has been postponed a fortnight. Electronic Arts has confirmed that Shadows of the Damned will miss its previously announced June 7 release date, now landing in stores on June 21.

Johnson (left) and Garcia team up to battle the forces of evil.
Johnson (left) and Garcia team up to battle the forces of evil.

Shadows of the Damned tells the story of Garcia Hotspur, who goes on a trip to hell to save his true love, Paula. His travelling companion on the long, hard road through hell is a foul-mouthed demonic skull named Johnson that can morph into a variety of guns, but is also effective as a torch.

The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 action game is not the first collaboration between Suda 51's Grasshopper Manufacture studio and Shinji Mikami. The pair previously worked together when Suda's Killer 7 was published internationally by Capcom, with Mikami assisting on the game's story and serving as producer. Individually, Suda garnered acclaim for the No More Heroes series of games, while Mikami has been instrumental in the success of the Resident Evil franchise, producing the PlayStation original, as well as the critically acclaimed revamp of the franchise, Resident Evil 4.

Mikami and Suda aren't the only notable names attached to Shadows of the Damned. The game will also have a soundtrack composed by Akira Yamaoka, who created the score for the Silent Hill series.

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