Shadowrun Returns will be released in June

Anyone interested in the $75 Collector's Edition will need to preorder it by April 28.


Kickstarter success Shadowrun Returns will be released in June, developer Harebrained Schemes has announced.

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The game will be distributed through Steam--all backers of the Kickstarter project will receive a Shadowrun Returns Steam key--and the game's editor will arrive with Steam Workshop support.

For customers who don't want to have to use Steam, Harebrained Games will make a DRM-free version available from its own site. This version won't support user-generated content or any DLC past the game's already announced Berlin expansion.

Preorders will be available on Steam from April 29, with April 28 being the last day customers can preorder the game's $75 Collector's Edition from the Harebrained Schemes website.

A $30 Deluxe Edition is also available, which includes downloads of the game's soundtrack and a Shadowrun Returns anthology PDF.

The Linux version will be released after the Windows and Mac versions, says Harebrained Schemes.

Shadowrun Returns started its Kickstarter campaign asking for $400,000 back in April 2012, and ended a month later with $1,836,447 in donations from 36,276 backers. The isometric role-playing game is inspired by the Shadowrun tabletop game and is being overseen by its creator, Jordan Weisman.

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