Shadowrun Online F2P model explained

Tactical turn-based RPG to introduce a free-to-play and campaign model; players of both models will be housed on the same server.


Developer Cliffhanger Productions has shed light on the free-to-play model of upcoming tactical turn-based RPG Shadowrun Online.

Campaign players will access different bonuses to free-to-play subscribers.
Campaign players will access different bonuses to free-to-play subscribers.

In a post on the Shadowrun website, the development team cleared up confusion surrounding the differences between the game's campaign model and the free-to-play (F2P) model.

Free-to-play users will access different features to those who pay for the campaign version of the game. All players will be housed on the same server.

Gamers who sign up with the free-to-play model will be able to use an additional premium currency that is purchaseable with real money. The premium currency can be used to buy certain in-game items which are obtainable only via this method for F2P users.

Players who opt for the F2P model can also choose to purchase a game subscription, adding the "boosted karma and cash" status to the account which grants a temporary bonus to in-game loot-finding and a "slightly weighed influence on plot development". Gamers who pay an on-going fee will still hold the F2P status in the shop.

Gamers who purchase the campaign version of the game will be able to buy every item with in-game currency (called Nuyen) and receive a boost in cash, karma, and loot chances. Campaign players will also have "weighed influence on the plot development".

Free-to-play gamers who wish to transition from F2P to the campaign version of the game are able to do so by purchasing a campaign box, which carries over any existing character and items.

Shadowrun Online is the second Kickstarter project set in the Shadowrun world. The project was successfully backed on August 15, 2012 and does not currently have a confirmed release date.

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