Shadowbane testers needed

Ubi Soft is looking for additional players to help beta-test its upcoming online fantasy role-playing game.



Ubi Soft Entertainment has announced that it is now accepting additional applications for the beta test of Shadowbane, its upcoming online role-playing game in development at Wolfpack Studios. The game has been in a closed beta test since the beginning of 2002, and the publisher will be adding thousands of additional players to the test later this year. Those interested in participating in the test can apply at the official Shadowbane Web site.

Shadowbane is set in a dynamic medieval fantasy world in which the players' actions and decisions change the course of the game's history, political environment, and landscape. The game combines role-playing and strategic elements, as players may take part in city management, army creation, siege warfare, and economic development. For more information, take a look at our previous coverage of the game.

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