Shadow Warrior expansion pack released

3D Realms releases long-lost add-on for first-person shooter from 1997.


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One look at the development history of Duke Nukem Forever is enough to confirm that 3D Realms gets things done in its own sweet time. That assessment was further validated by Friday evening's release of Wanton Destruction, an add-on for the company's 1997 first-person shooter, Shadow Warrior.

According to the 3D Realms' official Web site, Wanton Destruction was completed by the developers at Sunstorm Interactive (of the Deer Hunter series and Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project fame) but was shelved by its distributor. Sunstorm went out of business, and the project was thought lost forever...until last week, when former Sunstorm president Anthony Campiti contacted 3D Realms after accidentally finding the completed code on a CD labeled "Add-on Archive 1."

So now, eight years after the release of Shadow Warrior, Wanton Destruction has been released as a free download. The catch is that the game still requires the full, original, unmodified version of Shadow Warrior to run. Fortunately, the 3D Realms online store still has some copies left and is selling them for $10 a pop--"in honor of the release of Wanton Destruction."

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