Shadow Warrior 2 E3 Reveal Teased

"Who wants some more Wang?"


Shadow Warrior 2 is in development, publisher Devolver Digital has confirmed.

A Facebook post on the Shadow Warrior page links to a website with the logo for the sequel. The post also asks "Who wants more Wang?," as a cheeky puerile reference to the first game's protagonist.

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The post also confirms the sequel will once again be developed by Flying Wild Hog. The timing of the tease suggests the game will be more fully revealed at E3 2015.

In our Shadow Warrior review we awarded the game a 7/10.

"If you're going to remake a game known for its tacky humor, this is the way to do it," said our reviewer. "The crassness is here, but it's merely seasoning in a colorful old-school first-person shooter that allows excitement to build organically from the way its systems interact."

"If you saw Duke Nukem's 2011 appearance as a personal slight, you'll be glad to know that Lo Wang still stands tall and proud."

The game was also praised for its high-energy, colorful shooting action, great diversity of weapons, with lots of reasons to use them all, and robust upgrade system."

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