Shadow the Hedgehog Character Profiles

Meet some of the characters who will aid Shadow the Hedgehog in his upcoming multiplatform adventure.


Currently scheduled for release on November 15, Shadow the Hedgehog is a 3D platformer set roughly 50 years after the events of Sonic Adventure 2. In the game, you'll assume the titular role of Sonic's nemesis, who, for reasons that will no doubt become clear at some point, is aided either by Sonic or one of his loyal friends during special "hero" missions. Sonic needs no introduction, of course, but here's the lowdown on the supporting cast, in case you've not encountered them previously.

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A two-tailed fox with a passion for machinery, Tails is matched by Dr. Eggman in his mechanical prowess. However, he has yet to fully realize his potential as an inventor and mechanic. Tails has the ability to fly by spinning his two tails as quickly as possible. When not flying around using his tails, he is often found riding around in one of his inventions, the Cyclone.

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Amy Rose

Young and fashionable, she is very sensitive to new trends and is always on the forefront of what's hot and what's not. She's always cheerful and energetic, and her constant optimism inspires all those around her. She never gives up, but that sometimes leads her to be a little reckless.


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An echidna born wild and tough, Knuckles is stubborn and has a one-track mind. Both a world-renowned treasure hunter and martial arts master, Knuckles is capable of shattering solid rock with his bare fists.


Rouge is a world-famous treasure hunter who specializes in rare jewels. A former special agent (read: spy) for the President of the Federal Government, she is very aggressive in her actions and is shrouded in mystery. Rouge always goes all-out on any assignment, and she has a tendency to get what she wants...especially when it comes to jewels.

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