Shadow Of War Tips: How To Get Each Legendary Gear Set

Armed to the teeth.


Middle-earth: Shadow of War is packed with armor sets for Talion to wear, each with their own unique attributes. But if you're looking for the best armor the game has to offer, then seek out the Legendary sets. These special sets can only be unlocked by killing Legendary orcs or completing specific challenges; each offers their own unique set bonuses that can assist you in myriad ways in your adventure. For a quick rundown on where to find each Legendary set, check out the tables below.

Shadow of War is out now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It was originally slated to launch in August, only for it to be pushed back to October. For a brief rundown on the original game's plot, check out our feature recapping Shadow of Mordor's story. You can also check out our Shadow Of War Beginner's Guide and the 12 Best Skills in the game.

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Dark Armor

GearHow To Unlock
Dark SwordKill a Legendary Dark Slayer or Dark Destroyer
Dark DaggerKill a Legendary Dark Assassin
Dark BowKill a Legendary Dark Marksman or Dark Tracker
Dark ArmorKill a Legendary Dark Tank
Dark CloakKill a Legendary Dark Beastmaster or Dark Berserker
Dark RingcraftKill a Legendary Dark Commander or Dark Trickster

Bonus For 2 Pieces Equipped: Gain 1 Might when enemies take damage from your Poison

Bonus For 4 Pieces Equipped: All attacks have a 15% chance to inflict an explosive poison on grunts

Feral Armor

GearHow To Unlock
Feral SwordKill a Legendary Feral Slayer or Feral Destroyer
Feral DaggerKill a Legendary Feral Assassin or Feral Berserker
Feral BowKill a Legendary Feral Marksman or Feral Tracker
Feral ArmorKill a Legendary Feral Tank
Feral CloakKill a Legendary Feral Beastmaster
Feral RingcraftKill a Legendary Feral Commander or Feral Trickster

Bonus For 2 Pieces Equipped: Shadow Mount unbroken Graugs.

Bonus For 4 Pieces Equipped: Shadow Mount unbroken Drakes.

Machine Armor

GearHow To Unlock
Machine SwordKill a Legendary Machine Slayer or Machine Berserker
Machine DaggerKill a Legendary Machine Assassin or Machine Tracker
Machine BowKill a Legendary Machine Marksman
Machine ArmorKill a Legendary Machine Tank or Machine Destroyer
Machine CloakKill a Legendary Machine Beastmaster or Machine Trickster
Machine RingcraftKill a Legendary Machine Commander

Bonus For 2 Pieces Equipped: Call Followers summons Sappers and Iron Guard summons more Sappers

Bonus For 4 Pieces Equipped: Elven Light also scatters explosives around you

Marauder Armor

GearHow To Unlock
Marauder SwordKill a Legendary Marauder Slayer or Marauder Berserker
Marauder DaggerKill a Legendary Marauder Assassin or Marauder Tracker
Marauder BowKill a Legendary Marauder Marksman
Marauder ArmorKill a Legendary Marauder Tank or Marauder Destroyer
Marauder CloakKill a Legendary Marauder Beastmaster or Marauder Trickster
Marauder RingcraftKill a Legendary Marauder Commander

Bonus For 2 Pieces Equipped: Picking up Mirian increases damage by 2% per Mirian gained for 20 seconds.

Bonus For 4 Pieces Equipped: Picking up Mirian recovers 2 Health per Mirian gained.

Vendetta Armor

GearHow To Unlock
Vendetta SwordComplete your first Online Vendetta.
Vendetta DaggerUse a Stealth Attack against an Online Vendetta target.
Vendetta BowGet a Headshot against an Online Vendetta target.
Vendetta ArmorKill an Online Vendetta target while above 80% health.
Vendetta CloakUse a mounted attack against an Online Vendetta target.
Vendetta RingcraftDominate an Online Vendetta target.

Bonus For 2 Pieces Equipped: Perform attacks requiring Might by consuming 40% of your max Health instead.

Bonus For 4 Pieces Equipped: If you have no Elf-shot, you can perform Ranged Attacks by consuming 25% of your max Health.

Bright Lord Armor

GearHow To Unlock
Bright Lord SwordOpen the Ithildin Door in Gorgoroth.
Bright Lord DaggerOpen the Ithildin Door in Seregost
Bright Lord BowOpen the Ithildin Door in Nurnen
Bright Lord ArmorOpen the Ithildin Door in Nurnen
Bright Lord CloakOpen the Ithildin Door in Cirith Ungol
Bright Lord RingcraftEarn Bronze on all Shadows of the Past missions.

Bonus For 2 Pieces Equipped: Gain Wrath 50% faster, but Elven Rage lasts half as long.

Bonus For 4 Pieces Equipped: Replenish all Elf-shot when killing an enemy during Elven Rage.

Mystic Armor

GearHow To Unlock
Mystic SwordKill a Legendary Mystic Slayer
Mystic DaggerKill a Legendary Mystic Assassin or Mystic Berserker
Mystic BowKill a Legendary Mystic Marksman or Mystic Tracker
Mystic ArmorKill a Legendary Mystic Tank or Mystic Destroyer
Mystic CloakKill a Legendary Mystic Beastmaster
Mystic RingcraftKill a Legendary Mystic Commander or Mystic Trickster

Bonus For 2 Pieces Equipped: Dominated grunts take 50% less damage.

Bonus For 4 Pieces Equipped: Dominated grunts gain Cursed weapons.

Terror Armor

GearHow To Unlock
Terror SwordKill a Legendary Terror Slayer or Terror Destroyer
Terror DaggerKill a Legendary Terror Assassin
Terror BowKill a Legendary Terror Marksman or Terror Tracker
Terror ArmorKill a Legendary Terror Tank
Terror CloakKill a Legendary Terror Beastmaster or Terror Berserver
Terror RingcraftKill a Legendary Terror Commander or Terror Trickster

Warmonger Armor

Bonus For 2 Pieces Equipped: Recover 50 Health when killing an enemy who is on Fire.

Bonus For 4 Pieces Equipped: While on Fire, you will periodically explode, releasing a burst of flames.

GearHow To Unlock
Warmonger SwordKill a Legendary Warmonger Slayer
Warmonger DaggerKill a Legendary Warmonger Assassin or Warmonger Tracker
Warmonger BowKill a Legendary Warmonger Marksman
Warmonger ArmorKill a Legendary Warmonger Tank or Warmonger Destroyer
Warmonger CloakKill a Legendary Warmonger Beastmaster or Warmonger Berserker
Warmonger RingcraftKill a Legendary Warmonger Commander or Warmonger Trickster

Bonus For 2 Pieces Equipped: Quick Throw instantly kills fleeing grunts.

Bonus For 4 Pieces Equipped: Recover 100 Health when killing a fleeing enemy.

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Your bonuses for the last two are swapped.

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Awesome game, really enjoying it so far.

The Microtransactions are completely optional and don't impact the game in a negative way at all. You people are morons.

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Pig pile on the microtransactions!!!!!

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i was half expecting the answer to be pay pay for the "ultimate micro transaction bundle"

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It can't be said enough: pay.

Can we get this posted as part of a GameFAQs FAQ? "How do I get X?" "Microtransactions."

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Wow this is a sad day for gamers.

Just found out about act 4 in the game.

Shame on you WB... you are ugly and you dont give a shit about gamers.

Never gonna touch a WB game again.

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like 39.99 probably.

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Q: How to get legendary gear set?

A: Spend some cash with microtransactions.

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This game is receiving so much backlash! I'm gonna skip.

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Started playing this last night after loving the first one. Was kinda underwhelmed.

Combat felt clunkier than before and less accurate and the UI is BAD. Wanna swap out a weapon? Easy, just view it and... err... yeah just press left and right and everything else in your bag will appear one by one with no clue of how many items you own. Wanna see the strengths and weaknesses of an enemy? You have to page through multiple pages of info and read the all-white writing. No more simple, single list of red and green easy to read pros and cons. Weapons have stats, gems, XP upgrades, skill upgrades, nothing really gets explained clearly and there's constant interruptions while it tells you you have a new *whatever*. It just feels unpolished and messy and overly complicated.

This lack of polish is everywhere. e.g. 6 soldiers all pull their swords out and animate from the exact same frame in complete unison. Too much work to put a random wait on them? Lazy, clumsy, stupid, whatever - it makes the final product look cheap and ridiculous. Orcs were repeating the same line in a matter of seconds which is weird as there's so much speech in the game you think they could have 100s of lines for ambient noise. And one orc captain was still even talking and telling me I'd hardly grazed him after I'd cut his head off. Christ. Quality control?

I'm only a couple hours in so let's see how we go but considering the acclaim the first game got, this so far looks like almost the exact same game with the good things worse, and the bad things badder. I haven't seen a single NEW thing yet, still big dogs in cages, bees, exploding grog barrels bla bla bla.

If it aint broke, don't fix it, fine. But don't make it worse.

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@mattcake: Even though orcs have unique names and randomised looks its very likely you'll encounter similar orcs to other peoples games. Literally in an IGN video there was one who called himself Tark slayer after killing you, I encountered the same scenario. Also met a posh orc called THE TOWER dressed in a bosses armor we killed in the first game, he says THE TOWER at the end of every sentence and loads of other people have encountered him on YouTube. I feel like there is an illusion of unique playthroughs/orcs.

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@gamingdevil800: I've had the "tark slayer" one already too. It feels like they spent a load of money on the game, but in none of the right places.

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@mattcake: Definitely spent a lot of time making orcs look different from playthrough to playthrough but I guess they can only go so far with dialogue. Off the top of my head I met another orc called "the survivor" who kept coming back every time I killed him, another who hated dwarves, one who could only say one word he was titled Flak one word and one who only communicated with screams.