Shadow of the Ninja cuts up Virtual Console

Nintendo Store Update: Digital marketplace adds NES side-scroller to classics channel; crossword puzzler, electronic keyboard titles for DSiWare, PopCap Games' Bejeweled sequel on WiiWare.


No Caption Provided Nintendo added nine new titles to its digital storefront today, spanning the virtual warehouse's three-fold download destinations. The Japanese game company ended a two-week Virtual Console dry spell by adding Shadow of the Ninja to its nostalgic download service, as well as others on DSiWare and WiiWare.

Natsume's 2D side-scroller Shadow of the Ninja hit the Virtual Console today, bringing with it the futuristic cooperative experience associated with the '90s title. The 500 Wii point ($5) game has 13 levels, power-ups to collect, and lurking enemies to defeat.

A quintet of digital experiences hit the DSiWare today, one being A Kappa's Trail. From Nintendo, this 500 DSi point ($5) title has players assume the role of kappa, a river spirit, known in Japanese culture. On top of a fleshed-out campaign, players can take part in three minigames, where everything from fishing to collecting paintings and cassettes is the task at hand.

Also on the DSiWare this week is Telegraph Crosswords for 500 DSi points ($5). The game boasts 500 puzzle types with multiple variants of each. What's more, the game features an auto-save feature and interactive hints, which are two helpful features for when difficult puzzles come along.

Old is sometimes just as good.
Old is sometimes just as good.

Additionally on DSiWare this week is the latest Flips entry from Electronic Arts. Flips: Silent but Deadly (500 DSi points, $5) puts players in the shoes of friends seeking to learn the truth about their teach Mr. Watts.

Also hitting the DSiWare this week is 16 Shot! Shooting Watch, a 200 DSi point ($2) fast-paced button-mashing title from Hudson. And rounding out DSiWare this week is Music On: Electronic Keyboard (200 DSi points, $2). The game transforms Nintendo's handheld into a functional keyboard. The title sports a metronome, a pitch-bending function, a record and play option, and more.

Shifting to WiiWare releases, PopCap Games unleashed its acclaimed puzzle game, Bejeweled 2 (1,000 Wii points, or $10), to the download hot spot this week. In the single-player gem-matching title, players can try their hand at both Classic and Action mode and see glowing cascades of colors trickle down the virtual game board.

Also dropping for WiiWare this week is Arcade Sports, a collection of four arcade-style games. This 800 Wii point ($8), one-to-two player title from Icon Games Entertainment brings air hockey, bowling, snooker, and bowling to the download service. The game also packs in four game types to play each sport in the form of Practice, Versus, Season, and multiplayer modes.

Finally, Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Sunnyville from Konami hit the WiiWare market today. Available for 500 Wii points ($5), this title has players searching through yard sales for valuable items either against the clock or at their leisure.

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