Shadow of Rome falls on PS2s

Capcom releases its gory gladiatorial game; action adventure combines brutal brawling and sneaky stealth.


Shadow of Rome

Are you not entertained? Capcom bets you will be with its new action adventure game, Shadow of Rome. The game was developed internally by Capcom and is now available exclusively for the PlayStation 2.

Shadow of Rome takes place in Ancient Rome in 44 BC. Under the rule of Julius Caesar, Rome is on the verge of political collapse, marred by corruption and violence. Before Caesar can implement changes and restore the great empire to its previous glory, an important head of state is murdered. Agrippa, one of the game's protagonists, returns home to find that his father is the prime suspect. To save his father from public execution, he must become a gladiator and hack his way to the truth.

The brutal gladiatorial games are re-created in all their spectacular violence. The gore is enough to satisfy even the most bloodthirsty--in addition to crushing skulls, decapitating foes, and skewering enemies, Agrippa can beat opponents over the head with their severed limbs. It's not all bloodletting though. Shadow of Rome also re-creates the famed chariot races of the Circus Maximus.

For the more squeamish, the game also uses stealth elements with its second playable character. Octavianus, Agrippa's best friend, will use stealth to navigate highly guarded palaces and help solve the mystery surrounding the head of state's murder.

Shadow of Rome is rated M for Mature and sells for the SRP of $49.99. For more information, check out Greg Kasavin's thumbs-up review.

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