Shadow of Mordor 2 Shows Up on Stunt Actor's Resume

There will be stunts.


While it should come as no surprise that it's coming, new evidence has surfaced that points to a sequel to Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

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As discovered by NerdLeaks (via NeoGAF), the online resume of stuntwoman Lauren Mary Kim now mentions that she worked on "Shadows of Mordor 2." She's presumably done motion capture work for the game itself, as other listings specify that she contributed to the trailers for games (like ReCore and Mafia III).

There are no details shared beyond that, except that the work was done with Blur. This is likely a reference to Blur Studios, the animation studio that has done work on games like Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Sunset Overdrive, among many others.

A sequel to Shadow of Mordor has not been officially announced, but it's been a safe assumption that one is coming. It was both a critical and commercial success following its release in 2014, winning Game of the Year awards from GameSpot and the GDC Awards.

Developer Monolith has suggested more could be coming, and a hiring spree last summer--combined with no official word on what the studio is working on--point to a Shadow of Mordor follow-up.

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I played the first one on PS3.It was a great game. Highly doubtful that the second game will come out for last gen console. Time to upgrade to a PS4 or Xbox One.

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The first game was alright but the handling of Shadow of Mordor's PR by making 100's of sponsored reviews before the games launch with all of those early reviews having final approval from WB is a dirty move. In typical WB fashion holding PC review copies because it was a typical WB PC release in other words the game didn't work that well.

the only studio WB has that can do a passable PC launch seems to be Travelers Tale's

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Very good game, hope they do it right in the sequel too...

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Cool really enjoyed the first game would love to see a sequel.

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So question for Tolkien geeks who have played the first game: Was this decidedly darker and good and evil blurring story lore appropriate?

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@ggregd: not a Tolkien geek, but it definitely seemed darker and grimmer than the films.

I guess since they're orcs and not humans and have black blood, it's suddenly OK to gratuitously show 1000 different ways to decapitate lol. Not complaining, just sayin' is all...

There are also dark themes as well; wife and child dying, slavery, etc.

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@ggregd: It was definitely a dark game, but blurring good/evil lines? No, not really. I don't think Tolkien would have objected to Talion as a character. It's bloody and gruesome, as well as tragic, but so is the general LotRs universe.

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I haven't finished the first one yet. Strange fps drops keep me from doing it.

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@Baron_Kreight: I played the game for 50 hours and still have not finished the game and never seen one FPS drop.

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I thought the game was fun, especially since it wasn't on my radar and I got a PC Hardcopy for like $25, Amazon.

Shadow Strike followed by Manipulate was my bread and butter.

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Shadow of Mordor was definitely a good game so I'd play a sequel for sure and I don't even like Lord of the Rings.

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Maybe this one will actually work on my computer...

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my only complain about the game was the boss fights, everything else was well done imo... looking forward to the sequel.

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@hugoadan: they could get pretty damn frustrating at times, and they happen so often it makes the situation even worse. Felt like the game was cheating sometimes.

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Game has a lot to learn, in my honest opinion, but was so fresh and enjoyable nonetheless.. Can't wait for the sequel!

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The first game only got GOTY because 2014 was god awful. Basically got votes because it actually managed to create a new gameplay system. The fact the rest of the game was tedious drivel got ignored entirely.

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@dexda: not that new; it's Batman AA wrapped in a LOTO skin with just a small dash of Assassin's Creed. Not a bad thing; I like Batman AA's combat.

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@dexda: Way too harsh but yeah 2014 was a shit year otherwise..

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What the hell are you on about the game wasn't tedious. Just because you sucked at it does not mean it was bad.

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@Marky360: The combat was garbage, the environments were bland and the story was total MEH.

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LOL Yea you know nothing

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@Marky360: If the first game released in 2015 it wouldn't have been given a second look.

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First game was better than any Assassin's Creed dreck in recent memory, hopefully this one will be even better.

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Don't these guy's have NDAs? I'm not allowed to mention -any- project by specific name on my history or CV.

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Hopefully there are some big advancements. I do want to see what they do with the A.I. now that they've had some more time with it.

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Oh not again... How the first game got a GOTY award is beyond me. The combat system was so bad you could practically turn off your tv and still beat eveyone around you. Get rid of the batman combat system WB, it's made for people who don't have any skills whatsoever.

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@cboye18: My very first time playing, I had just watched my friend play for a couple hours maybe, I found a 1 or 2 button pumping pattern that worked over and over and over. We were laughing and I said I wonder how long I can keep this up, I cleared the area of dozens of orcs, then after a bit the game started to spawn more just offscreen and send them in and I took out that entire wave too.

However it should be noted this was very early in the game, less than 3hrs and he hadn't progressed really, so these enemies were plain low levels, not special enemies.

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@hystavito: That's exactly the problem this game has. Worse, when you unlock everything you become invulnerable and the combat system feels completely broken. You can dodge from almost all attacks, you can counter almost all attacks without proper timing needed and kill everyone with contextual, button press "combo's" that are extremely easy to execute. What this does is making a combat system that requieres little effort to learn and master and therefore have almost no challenge to it while being difficult to kill at the same time.

There's even a guy on youtube that showed how easy the game gets by turning off his screen and still kicking ass by only pressing the attack and counter button

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LOL says you looks like you couldn't tell a GOOD game if it slapped you in the face lol

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@Marky360: If you like to play casual games, fine by me. Go play your generic and mundane COD and AC games kid.

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I really enjoyed Shadows of Mordor, and it had one of the most interesting new features I've seen in an open world game ever ... but I'm kind of wondering where in the LotR lore they can shoe horn in another game.