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Shadow Man Remaster's Latest Trailer Shows Off Its Updated 90s Action Gameplay

The remaster of the 1999 game is coming to PC, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.


Shadow Man Remastered is coming in 2021, and now developer Nightdive Studios has released a new trailer for the update.

The game will feature not just upscaled graphics, with higher resolutions--the controls and AI will also be improved, and the soundtrack has been remastered. Furthermore, content that was cut from the original release of the game has been restored, so Shadow Man fans might fight elements they don't remember from the original.

In the trailer below, though, you can see the numerous ways in which the game has aged--whether the third-person shooter action is satisfying by modern standards remains to be seen.

Shadow Man Remastered is coming to PC, Xbox, PS4, and Switch. This remaster adds modern resolution support, restores cut content, responsive controls, updated AI, and improved gameplay and features a remastered soundtrack.

The original game launched on PC, PS1, N64, and DreamCast. It was moderately well-received, aside from the PlayStation port. GameSpot was not so big on it at release--the game received a 5/10 in the original 1999 review.

Nightdive Studios has also shown off the sharpened cutscenes from Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition.

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