Shadow Hearts: Covenant Update

The English version of Nautilus' RPG sequel is finished and ready for eager fans. New trailer and details inside.


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The original Shadow Hearts, released in 2001, was a surprisingly solid but sadly overlooked RPG from some former members of Square. The game's devoted following owes a debt of gratitude to Midway, who has been hard at work localizing the game's sequel, which has been renamed Shadow Hearts: Covenant, to Western gamers. The company had a build of the game on display at its recent press event in San Diego, and we stopped by to find out what's new with the upcoming game.

Shadow Hearts fans, rejoice: Covenant is finished and will be on shelves in September. Click "Stream for Free" for higher resolution.

In fact, the best news about Shadow Hearts: Covenant is that it's finished. The development and localization are now complete and so the game is well on track to make it to shelves in time for its late-September release date. We spoke briefly to producer Darren Walker, who noted that localization only began in April, making for a rather short five-month localization process. Covenant won't contain any new content not found in the Japanese original--the team has focused on making the translation and overall package as solid as possible for American RPG fans.

Walker told us that very little has changed in the English version of the game, so purists can take heart. Aside from a few name spellings and some distinctly Japanese humor being made more appealing to Western sensibilities, the game's script will be a direct representation of the Japanese original. That may not help would-be players make much sense of things, what with the mixture of demons and World War I found in the storyline, but at least all of the craziness has been preserved. Walker said players should especially look forward to the irreverent, humorous aspects of the game that coexist with the epic, world-endangering plotline.

It's only a few short weeks until Shadow Hearts: Covenant hits stores, so eager fans will be able to find out the further adventures of Yuri soon. For more information on the game, check out our recent preview, and check out the newest trailer for the game on the media page.

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