Shadow Force: Razor Unit hits stores

Activision Value's latest action game is now available.


Activision Value's latest first-person shooter, Shadow Force: Razor Unit, is now available in stores. The game lets players assume the role of a member of an elite covert strike force on a series of missions around the world. The game features a variety of modern weapons, including pistols, assault rifles, stinger missiles, and combat knives. Players can also use laser target designators to help direct air strikes against the enemy. In addition to 10 single-player missions, Shadow Force includes a multiplayer mode with more than a dozen multiplayer maps.

"Shadow Force: Razor Unit allows players to step inside the uniform and mind of today's Special Forces soldier," said Danny Hammett, president of Activision Value. "With missions pulled from today's headlines, accurate weapons, and realistic locations, this game challenges players to think fast on their feet as they attempt to rid the world of terrorism behind enemy lines."

Shadow Force: Razor Unit is now available in stores for an approximate retail price of $19.99. For more information, take a look at our previous coverage of the game.

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