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SFIV, RE5 boost Capcom to nearly $1 billion in annual sales

World warriors, zombies help publisher's sales climb to $930 million; nonarcade game sales spike 21.7 percent.


Capcom forewent traditional game-industry logic during holiday 2008, choosing to hang on to many of its major releases until its January-March quarter. As a result, though Capcom's holiday-period financial results were nothing short of dismal, the publisher saw all-around net gains as part of its full-year earnings.

This guy's suffering was not in vain.
This guy's suffering was not in vain.

Reporting on those results today, Capcom said that revenues for the 12-month period ended March 31 grew 10.6 percent to ¥91.9 billion ($930 million). The publisher saw a similar rise in net income, which increased 3.3 percent from the prior year to ¥8.06 billion ($81.6 million). The strong performance equated to Capcom's best earnings results in the past three consecutive fiscal years, according to the publisher.

Capcom's Home Games Segment (that is, nonarcade games) led the publisher's financials, thanks to multiplatform releases for Resident Evil 5 and Street Fighter IV. The division saw revenues rise 21.7 percent during the fiscal year to ¥62.9 billion ($636.8 million), and operating income spiked 41.2 percent to ¥16.4 billion ($165.9 million). The publisher provided no updated sales figures for RE5 or SFIV, reiterating only previously announced initial shipment figures of 4 million and 2 million, respectively.

The Japanese game company also saw some measure of turnaround in its arcade business, which has weighed heavily on its financials in recent quarters. Sales for the segment actually saw a rise of 0.8 percent during the fiscal year, growing to ¥13.5 billion ($136.7 million). However, operating income saw a significant slide of 70.2 percent to ¥224 million ($2.27 million), "due to the market stagnation and the increased expense in opening new facilities."

Looking ahead to its fiscal year ending March 31, 2010, the publisher expects sales to continue their upward climb to ¥95 billion ($961.3 million), with operating income also projected to rise to ¥15.5 billion ($156.9 million).

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