Sex in video games talk at GDC

Dragon Age writer David Gaider leading discussion next month at Game Developers Conference concerning "risks and difficulties" with addressing sexuality in games.


BioWare senior writer David Gaider will lead a discussion called Sex in Video Games next month at the 2013 Game Developers Conference, organizers have announced.

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Gaider, who has worked at BioWare since 1999 and is currently lead writer on Dragon Age III: Inquisition, will discuss the issues of sexism and sexuality in contemporary games.

"Games have reached the point where realistic portrayals of sex and adult relationships are possible, but what does this mean to us as developers?," reads a line from the discussion description. "How much responsibility do we have in addressing issues of sexism and sexuality, and are we inadvertently making statements about what is acceptable, even when we don't mean to say anything at all?"

Gaider will speak about the "risks and challenges" associated with addressing (or not addressing) sexism and sexuality in games. Attendees will also hear Gaider speak about the benefits of inclusiveness during the discussion.

Other notable 2013 GDC presentations include one from Bungie Studios, which will open up on the creative process for its all-new universe with Activision called Destiny; and another from Hideo Kojima, who will give a public demo of his new FOX Engine and discuss Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

The 2013 GDC comes to San Francisco, California March 25-29. Microsoft is rumored to announce the Xbox 720 around the same time.

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