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Sex Doll Company Making Inside's Mysterious $375 Special Edition

I'm not sure I want to know what it comes with.


There's certainly been no shortage of peculiar special editions released over the years, but the new one announced for puzzle/adventure game Inside is particularly weird. Developer Playdead announced today that it's teaming up with sex doll manufacturer Real Doll to release a collector's edition for the game--but we have no idea what it comes with yet.

This is arguably one of the strangest partnerships for a collector's edition ever. Inside is not an especially, let's say, suggestive game; rather, it revels in dystopia, existential anxieties, and even body horror. Further, Playdead and Real Doll haven't announced what the Collector's Edition will actually include beyond the game itself, so our minds are left to come up with their own conclusions. And, at least for me, thinking of Inside's themes mixed with Real Doll's products produces some bizarre possibilities.

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We do know a little about what the Collector's Edition is. It'll come with a physical copy of the PS4 version of the game, as well as Steam codes for both Inside and its predecessor, Limbo. It'll come cost you $375 as well as high shipping fees, because "this edition weights a surprising amount," according to its item description on iam8bit.

Playdead, Real Doll, and iam8bit are very cagey right now on any other details. "We will NOT tell you what it is," the description states. "Maybe it's what you're thinking… maybe not." In addition, the companies only say that it'll launch "when it's ready," and they state, "don't order if that makes you anxious."

You have until June 8, 2018 to pre-order the edition; after that date, it won't be sold again. Inside originally launched back in 2016 and was critically acclaimed; you can read our Inside review to learn more. Oh, and if you want to read more about Real Doll, check out GameSpot sister site CNET's interesting feature on the Real Doll factory.

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