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Several New Steamworld Games Are On The Way

There are a number of new titles in the steampunk adventure franchise in the works.


There's a lot more Steamworld in the works. Today, developer Thunderful announced that it's developing a number of new entries in the post-apocalyptic robot steampunk series.

In a Twitter post, the studio revealed that there are "several" new Steamworld games in the works. In addition, it explained that the Steamworld team is still intact, even though the original studio Image and Form merged with publisher Thunderful last year.

Thunderful hasn't shared anything about the games yet--but in the case of Steamworld, this means we know even less than usual about what's to come. We don't even know what type of game it could be, considering that the Steamworld series has bounced around from genre to genre.

Steamworld Dig and Steamworld Dig 2, for instance, are both action-adventure platformer games (although they have pretty different aesthetic styles). Steamworld Heist, on the other hand, is a turn-based tactics game. And, finally, Steamworld Quest is a deck-building RPG. They're all solid games, though, so it's going to be exciting to see what genre Thunderful tackles next, or if it decides to put out a sequel.

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