Several GBA games confirmed

Capcom's Final Fight and Super Street Fighter 2 are among the games that are listed on Nintendo's GBA release list.


Among a lengthy list of Game Boy Advance games recently posted on Nintendo's Web site are a few games that haven't been confirmed until now. Capcom is developing Final Fight and Super Street Fighter 2 for Nintendo's 32-bit handheld. Additionally, THQ's WWF game and Namco's Tekken Advanced have also been confirmed as part of the extensive list of upcoming Game Boy Advance games. The entire list of both first- and third-party Game Boy Advance games follows. Keep in mind that many of these games have only been confirmed for release in Japan at this time.

Nintendo Games

Horse Racing
F-Zero for Game Boy Advance
Fire Emblem
Game Boy Wars Advance
Hanasaki Gassen
Kuru Kuru Kururin
Magical Vacation
Mario Kart Advance
Super Mario Advance
Ougon no Taiyo
Tactics Ogre Gaiden

Third-party games

Advanced Fire Pro Wrestling (Spike)
Aerial Aces (Majesco)
Boku ha Kouku Kanseikan (English Translation: I'm an Air Traffic Controller) (Tamu)
Bomberman Story (Hudson)
Breath of Fire (Capcom)
Digi-Communication (Media Works)
Dokapon (Asmik Ace Entertainment)
Doraemon (Asmik Ace Entertainment)
Caesar's Palace (Majesco)
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (Konami)
Chu Chu Rocket (Sega)
Earthworm Jim (Majesco)
F-18 (Majesco)
Final Fight (Capcom)
Fortress (Majesco)
Golf Master (Konami)
Hatena Satena (Hudson)
Hello Kitty Miracle Collection (Imagineer)
Iridion 3-D (Majesco)
Jelly Belly (Majesco)
Land Before Time
Lego Racers II (Lego)
M&M's: Lost in Time (Majesco)
Mail de Cute (Konami)
Men in Black (Crave)
Minna to Ishyo! (MTO)
MLB Sluggers (Midway)
Momo Taro Matsuri (English Translation: Momo Taro Festival) (Hudson)
Monster Breeder (Konami)
Morita Shogi Advanced (Hudson)
Ms. Pac-Man Advanced (Namco)
Mugen Kikou Zero Tours (Media Ring)
Namco Museum Advanced (Namco)
NFL Blitz 2002 (Midway)
NHL Hitz (Midway)
Pac-Man Advanced (Midway)
Paintball (Majesco)
Pinobee: Quest of Heart (Hudson)
Pitfall: Mayan Adventure (Majesco)
Pocket GT Advance (MTO)
Power Rangers Time Force (THQ)
Puyo Puyo (Sega)
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Round 2 (Midway)
Reiji Matsumoto's Space Hexcite X (Jordan)
Rocket Power (THQ)
Rockman EXE (Capcom)
Rugrats (THQ)
Sansara Naga (Victor Interactive Software)
Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase (THQ)
Silent Hill (Konami)
Sonic the Hedgehog Advanced (Sega)
Spongebob Squarepants (THQ)
Star Communicator (Konami)
Super Block Bus 4 Advance (Starfish)
Super Street Fighter 2 (Capcom)
Tekken Advanced (Namco)
Tiny Toons (Conspiracy)
Tetris (THQ)
Top Gear All Japan GT Championship (Kotobuki System)
Touidei to Maho no Houseki (Kotobuki System)
Tweety and the Magical Jewel (Kemco)
Wai Wai Racing (Konami)
Wild Thornberrys (THQ)
Winning Post (Horse Racing) (KOEI)

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