Seven Things We Want in the Deadpool Sequel

Just no kittens, Deadpool is scared of kittens.


Deadpool broke some serious records for an R-rated film on its opening weekend. It surprised fans and critics across the world, which was apparently more than ready for an adult super-hero film. Shortly before the release of the film, a sequel was announced. Now that audiences have seen the film, they're all wondering "What's next?"

There are tons of places that a Deadpool sequel could go, considering the character has popped up in hundreds of comics since his first appearance in New Mutants #98 back in the early 90s. He's been involved in some crazy team-ups, as well as some more serious stories, but what elements from the comics should be included in the sequel? We came up with a few things we'd like to see in the next film. Keep in mind, we don't want them all in the film but seeing a few of these things or a combination of things, would be pretty awesome.

Warning: This will contain some spoilers for Deadpool.

7. Cable

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Cable, the time-travelling leader of X-Force, who just happens to be Cyclops and Jean Grey's son, is a must have for a sequel. Aside from the point that the post-credit sequence of Deadpool states they're going to try and put Cable in the next film, some of Deadpool's best adventures come from his team-ups with Cable. The team dynamic is really cool as Cable is a bit more serious and straight to the point and Deadpool is, well, Deadpool.

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People online are already making guesses of who could play the role of Cable, including Avatar actor Stephen Lang, who already looks the part. Australian artist, BossLogic designed the mock poster above showing Keira Knightley as Cable, which fans seem to really like. Writers of the film are using a lot of "if" when they talk about the character, but it seems like a sure thing he'll be in the sequel.

6. First Cable Deadpool Story

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If Cable is going to be a part of the sequel, there are a few places the story could go. Sure, Deadpool could just be there to take down Cable, much like the events of New Mutants #98, but it would be much more fun to jump into the series that Deadpool fans everywhere love: Cable & Deadpool. The first story involves a cult that offers Deadpool the chance to have a normal face again. They can heal the scars left by Francis. Of course, something is fishy, and Cable is there to set things right.

While writers have come out and said they're not looking to make this a big budget film, it's not too hard to take this story, which has a futuristic city, and strip it down quite a bit. This could easily be a grounded story that fits into the world that was set up in the first film.

5. "Hydra" Bob

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While many people focus on the main story, one thing Deadpool did really well was set-up the secondary characters who play a larger role in his life later on. Both Blind Al, Deadpool's roommate, and Weasel, the bartender in the mercenary bar, played vital roles in the film. However, there was one character that popped up a couple times that is a huge part of Deadpool's world, Hydra Bob.

Although Marvel owns the rights to everything "Hydra," Bob was in the movie, working for Ajax AKA Francis at the end of the film. Deadpool and Bob had a quick discussion in front of Francis' base, which was totally not a S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. Deadpool and Bob's relationship is interesting. They're friends, but at times, Deadpool almost treats him like a pet dog. Obviously, this would be a bit tougher to pull off if Cable is already part of the story, but it would be interesting to see nonetheless.

4. More than Two X-Men

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While Deadpool takes place in a larger universe that contains the X-Men, only Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead appeared in the film, which is fine, since the film focussed mainly on Deadpool's origin and getting revenge on Francis. At one point, Deadpool even jokes that the studio couldn't afford any more X-Men.

However, the X-Universe is a lot larger than that and there are a ton of characters that aren't being used in the current slate of X-Men films, including the mutants of X-Force, which is more of a mercenary team of mutants. Deadpool has worked with other mutants in the past, like Angel, Wolverine, Sabretooth, etc, so it's not like he's stuck in his own bubble of jokes and murder. In fact, he and Wolverine play really well off of each other in the comics, so here's to hoping Hugh Jackman doesn't put away the adamantium claws for good.

3. Quick Cameo by the Caption Boxes

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Aside from Deadpool's bizarre sense of humor, love of words like "chimichangas," and breaking the fourth wall, one of the things that the comic book series is known for is the caption boxes. In the comics, there are two distinct types of captions: the yellow and white boxes. Only Deadpool can see the boxes, and they respond back to him, as they're different parts of his personality.

If this were added to the film, it would have to be used incredibly sparingly, much like breaking the fourth wall, but it would be a fun gag to see Deadpool essentially talking to himself for a scene in the film and it would be even better if both the white and yellow boxes pop up.

2. The Return of Stan Lee

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There's a saying when it comes to comic book films: "It's not a Marvel movie without Stan Lee making an appearance." In Deadpool, Stan Lee made an appearance as a host at a strip club that Vanessa worked at, introducing the dancers on the stage. It was one of the weirdest and most memorable cameo's Stan "The Man" Lee made in all of the films he's been in.

What happened to that strip club emcee? With a sequel coming down the line, Stan Lee will probably make another appearance, and many fans really hope it's the same character he played in the first film.

1. Other Survivors of Experimentation

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In the comics, Deadpool got his abilities from the Weapon X program, the same group that gave Wolverine his adamantium claws. While the place Wade Wilson gets tortured and experimented upon in the film is never called "Weapon X," it contains all the elements of that program, but a bit dirtier. The Weapon X program put out a plethora of super-powered beings, all running around the Marvel Universe, so does that mean the same thing is happening in this film's universe?

This group was making super-powered beings in order to be sold into slavery. Francis AKA Ajax was an example of that, and while the facility burned down, Deadpool survived. Were there more survivors? What about those who came out of the program before Deadpool? We'd like to see a character like Garrison Kane who was a member of X-Force that had cybernetic arms and legs, thanks to the Weapon X program. He was also a part of the program during the same time as Wade Wilson, so it's not too far off to think he's floating around that world now that Weapon X is gone.

What would you like to see in a Deadpool sequel?

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