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Seven announced for N-Gage

Nokia announces seven new titles that are scheduled for release on its N-Gage game deck in 2004.


Nokia has today announced seven new titles for its N-Gage game deck. Ashen, Operation Shadow, Requiem of Hell, Sega Rally Championship, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm, Worms, and WWE are all currently scheduled for release in 2004.

"These new titles expand the N-Gage game portfolio with a range of blockbuster hits and new genres," said Pasi Pölönen, director of game publishing, entertainment and media business unit, Nokia. "The mobile multiplayer features of many of these titles will give mobile gamers the chance to play with other people, not just in the same room but even on the other side of the world. We are working with leading game developers and publishers around the world to showcase the innovation and excitement that mobility brings to the games industry--with the goal to have 50 to 100 titles by the end of 2004."

Both Ashen and Operation Shadow, which will be published by Nokia, will feature multiplayer support via the N-Gage Arena service. According to today's press release, most of the other games announced today will also have multiplayer features of some description, although no further information is available at this time. Nokia is expected to announce further N-Gage titles for 2004 in the coming weeks.

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