Seth Rogen Lands Role In Steven Spielberg Movie

Rogen will play the favorite uncle of a young Spielberg in the film about the director's life.


Actor Seth Rogen has landed a role in the upcoming movie that is loosely based on Hollywood icon Steven Spielberg's childhood. According to Deadline, Rogen will play the favorite uncle of a young Spielberg. Rogen is just the latest big name to sign on for the film, as Michelle Williams will play the role of Spielberg's mother.

Deadline reported that the casting for the untitled movie is "super secretive," as this is a high-profile desirable project for many in Hollywood. Spielberg will next cast the youngster roles, one of which will be an actor to play a young Spielberg himself.

The film will tell a story that spans multiple years in Spielberg's life, so it requires extra casting, it seems.

"Throughout the years, Spielberg has talked about how growing up in Arizona was an inspiration for so many of his films from story themes to actual characters," Deadline said.

HBO made a documentary in 2017 called "Spielberg," but this is the first feature film about the director's life. Spielberg is co-writing the script alongside his longtime collaborator Tony Kushner, who wrote Spielberg's Munich and Lincoln. It's the first time since A.I. that Spielberg is officially involved in the writing of one of his movies.

Filming is expected to begin this summer with an eye toward releasing the film in 2022. Spielberg's next movie is the new version of West Side Story, which is expected to come to cinemas at the end of 2021.

As for Rogen, he recently made headlines again after his pot company launched in the US.

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