Seth Rogen, Chris Pratt, And Charlie Day All Want Mario x Metroid

Day also pitched a Luigi's Mansion spin-off: "It's like The Shining meets Nintendo. It's perfect."


The Super Mario Bros. Movie is here, it's great, and it's poised to dominate the box office and spawn a new movie franchise--or maybe even a full-blown cinematic universe with some of Nintendo's many other intellectual properties.

It's an enticing prospect, and hardly impossible to imagine when mega-franchises like Marvel and Star Wars continue to dominate pop culture. And so we couldn't help but ask Mario, Luigi, and Donkey Kong themselves--that's Chris Pratt, Charlie Day, and Seth Rogen--about the possibility of moving past the borders of the Mario galaxy and meeting some other Nintendo folks.

All three had the same first answer: Metroid.

"I always thought Metroid was cool," Rogen said, referring to the potential enterprise as the "NCU," or Nintendo Cinematic Universe. "I don't know how it fits into this world necessarily, but I always thought that would make a cool movie."

"Oh my god," Pratt said in a separate interview. "Metroid! Metroid would be good."

"Metroid would be really cool," Day, sitting next to Pratt, echoed.

Day later brought up Zelda, an option that is likely a cleaner and easier fit for a Nintendo movieverse than most other possibilities. And Pratt ran with it, suggesting that Zelda could work pretty well as a movie because it already has a general plot structure that translates well to film.

"Zelda would be great. There's been there's been some quest movies that are similar. I think Zelda could be cool," Pratt said, before pondering the potential challenges involved in making a Nintendo movie universe make sense.

"You know, I don't know how you--man, what would be the best like, standalone hit game?" Pratt went on, noting that Zelda's more structured history means there would be significantly less freedom involved in adapting it than they had with The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

"What I like about Mario is you have to really craft a narrative, right? If you make Metroid you might have to also craft a narrative. Zelda kind of is a narrative in the game that you're playing. With Mario you had to kind of like come up with a reason, come up with a story, who are these characters, and all that stuff."

Day also had one other pitch for a spin-off, and it's one that won't be too surprising coming from the guy who plays Luigi.

"I'm not saying this just because I'm Luigi. I mean, I genuinely would, even if I hadn't been cast as Luigi, I would have wanted to see a Luigi's Mansion movie," Day said. But Pratt wasn't buying it.

"I think maybe you're saying that just because you're Luigi. I think I know that you said that you weren't, but…"

"There's a lot happening in that mansion," Day cut in. "It's like The Shining meets Nintendo. It's perfect."

After that last comparison, Pratt conceded the point: "Actually, it could be pretty good."

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is in theaters now.

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