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Seth Rogen Calls DK Rap "One Of The Worst Rap Songs Of All Time"

The Donkey Kong voice actor also reveals that the song introduces his character in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.


The DK Rap, the original beat that was bananas, continues to live on culturally almost 25 years later--for better or worse. Seth Rogen, who voices Donkey Kong in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, laughed about how bad the song is while promoting the upcoming animated film.

On Twitter, The Super Mario Bros. Movie account showcased a video in which Rogen watched the intro to Donkey Kong 64 that features the rap song. He chuckled while stating, "This is, objectively, one of the worst rap songs of all time." However, Rogen also revealed that the song is featured in the upcoming film.

"This is how my character comes out in the movie, is to the Donkey Kong rap," Rogen said. This nugget of info delighted Grant Kirkhope, who composed the DK Rap for the Nintendo 64 game.

"If you'd told me in '97, when I wrote the worst rap track in the history of rap tracks, that it would go on to be in a Mario Bros. movie I [sic] would've burst with excitement," Kirkhope wrote on Twitter. "Long live the DK Rap!"

Kirkhope also has composed music for GoldenEye 007, Perfect Dark, Banjo-Kazooie, and Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.

Earlier this month, a Nintendo Direct unveiled the final trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie, featuring more Rainbow Road action and an eccentric Luma. Mario voice actor Chris Pratt also has touched upon whether the movie has a post-credits scene.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie premieres April 5.

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