Server Shutdown for PES 2014 Coming Soon

The 2013 professional soccer game will lose online play starting November 17.


Konami on Tuesday announced that Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 will go dark in November. Specifically, "all online elements" for the professional soccer game will be discontinued on November 17.

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Server shutdowns are nothing new. As player populations dip for older titles, publishers regularly discontinue their servers to focus on newer games.

That's exactly what's happening here.

"With PES 2016 set for release on September 15 and the online elements of PES 2015 still hugely popular, Konami will be moving its focus to those titles," the company said in a statement. "As such, all online elements of PES 2014 will no longer be supported from [November 17].

"Konami thanks everyone who has taken part in PES 2014's many online leagues and competitions. The PES online community is vital to the development process and we are grateful for the constant support shown for the PES series."

PES 2014 will still be playable offline after the servers are taken down.

A demo for PES 2016 will be available starting this week. In other recent news about the game, Konami has announced which soccer star will join Neymar on the cover.

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"As player populations dip for older titles, publishers regularly discontinue their servers to focus on newer games."

Really? I think you mean, "As player populations dip for older titles, publishers regularly discontinue their servers to make more money by forcing players to buy their newer, barely-changed games so they can play online." At least be honest here. This is about making money, not "focusing" on newer games. That's PR nonsense talk.

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@profilia: :)

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Until when producers will keep launching cross-gen games?

Will they wait until the end of this generation to deliver something that ACTUALLY uses the power of the new hardware? Like what happened wit GTA 5 on PS3/X360?

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When this happens to the new Need for Speed reboot, the game will then be completely useless. At least PES still has offline play.

Also #FucKonami

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Good, soccer is boring so shut that off, now when will sony shut off their worthless psn servers...

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Good luck with those online related achievements lol
If you buy a EA or Konami sports game,be sure to get the online achievements first (If you are into achievements that is:-))
Now,lets talk about Need for Speed :-)

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Some people on here turn blind eye what happen here and some don't

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Now you guys understand why its a bad idea to buy online only games lets say the game is a flop the servers will be turned off quickly and you will be out $60

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@yukushi: But PES isn't an "online only game".

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And the problem is?

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Dang, seems like yesterday thousands were enjoying this game online. O well, its not like we pay for servers.

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"Clickbaiter", coming soon starring Adam Sandler as EM.

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A good way to push sales of the new version of the game.

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This what happen to new need for speed game if people buy game.

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And nothing of value was lost.