Serious Sam sequel

Croteam reveals that the studio is hard at work on the follow-up to its popular fast-paced shooter, Serious Sam.


In an update to the studio's development diary, Admir Elezovic of Croteam has revealed that the team has been working on a sequel to Serious Sam: The First Encounter since the game was released last spring. The follow-up game is promised to have new weapons, monsters, and effects, as well as some significant tweaks to the graphics engine. The new game will mark a definitive move away from the Egyptian theme of The First Encounter. In fact, ancient Egypt had been only one of the settings originally envisioned in the design of Croteams' first mass-market US game; the other environments were located on far-off alien worlds.

The gameplay will be tweaked to be more accessible but will still maintain the fast pace and appeal that made the original game so popular. The very capable Serious engine has been enhanced to use skeletal animation, which will allow for smoother, more complex animation while increasing the overall poly count for Serious Sam's massive hordes of monsters. More information and screenshots should be available soon.

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