Serious Sam goes indie

Developers behind Grapple Buggy, Lame Castle, and Super Crate Box offering their own RPG and 2D side-scrolling takes on Croteam's first-person shooter series.


For the upcoming Serious Sam 3: BFE, Croteam is entrusting its signature franchise to Austin, Texas-based developer Devolver Digital, the same outfit that handled the recent HD remakes of Sam's first two adventures. That isn't the full extent of the Croatia-based studio's outsourcing, as Croteam and Devolver today jointly announced the Serious Sam Indie Series, three stand-alone games allowing independent developers to offer their own takes on the first-person shooter series.

If history is any indication, Kamikaze Attack will feature lots of screaming.
If history is any indication, Kamikaze Attack will feature lots of screaming.

The indie teams participating include Mommy's Best Games (Grapple Buggy and Weapon of Choice), Be-Rad Entertainment (Lame Castle), and Vlambeer (Super Crate Box, Radical Fishing). Mommy's Best Games will be making Serious Sam: Double D, a side-scrolling two-dimensional shooter for PCs and consoles. Be-Rad will continue to explore the auto-running genre of mobile phone games with Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack, which has players guide one of the series' ever-sprinting, headless, bomb-handed grunts to his appointed target by dodging obstacles.

Finally, Vlambeer is adapting Sam into a "seriously frantic" turn-based role-playing game with Serious Sam: The Random Encounter. The game will feature fast-paced fights pitting Sam and his party against hordes of Mental's minions. No platforms were announced, but Vlambeer's previous games debuted on the PC.

The Serious Sam Indie Series games are set to launch in the months preceding this summer's launch of Serious Sam 3.

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man serious sam and duke nukem deserve to be in a game together. That would be awesome their catch phrases would make me ROFL all day. That would be be a serious man game right there. Sorry kids man game only.

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Please, seriously, Croteam, give us a serious full trial of this next serious game. Like you seriously did for the serious Steam version of Second Encounter. Seriously serious, from a serious fan of a serious franchise. (I hurt from so much << LINK REMOVED >> puns.)

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R u serious?

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Why so Serious?

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Supprting indies? My house.

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lol more screaming? This is going to get crazy.

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Dude nah

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Seriously? Serious Sam Double D seems like something worth looking at, at least.

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this is serious

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