Serious Sam for Xbox update

Take-Two releases new information on the Xbox version of the quirky fast-paced first-person shooter. New screens inside.


Gotham Games, Take-Two's newest label, has released some new details on the Xbox version of Serious Sam that's scheduled for this fall. From the new screenshots it's evident that the Xbox version includes weapons and enemies not only from the original Serious Sam game for the PC, but also from the recent follow-up, Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, notably including the sniper rifle and chain saw. Serious Sam will contain 36 levels and 150 creatures. The game will feature extensive multiplayer options, including co-op, for up to four players in split-screen mode and up to 16 players with system link.

"Everything about the Xbox version is an improvement from the already amazing PC game," said Jamie Leece, president of Gotham Games.

GameSpot named Serious Sam the "Best PC Game of 2001." For more details, take a look at our previous coverage of the Xbox game as well as the original Xbox PC game and Xbox .

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