Serial Cleaner 90s-Set Sequel Announced, Could Receive A PS5/Xbox Series X Release

Serial Cleaners will push the action forward into the 1990s and feature four different cleaners.


A sequel to Serial Cleaner has been announced during the PC Gaming Show, and it's called Serial Cleaners. Despite what the name might suggest, it'll be a single-player only adventure--but this time you'll be playing as four different cleaners.

This is a stealth-action game that, like its predecessor, will see you cleaning up crime scenes. It's set in the 90s, and will feature four distinct playable characters that you can switch between as you go. As in the first game, you're a mob cleaner, sent to crime scenes to dispose of evidence without getting caught.

The trailer below only has a tiny bit of gameplay in it, but it shows off the game’s sense of style and a quick look at its isometric perspective and updated graphics.

The game has been announced for PC (via Steam), Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One, with a 2021 launch planned. However, in the YouTube description for the trailer above, developer Draw Distance says that the game is "coming to PC, consoles and possibly next-gens on 2021," so PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions could be happening too.

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