Senritsu no Stratus dated for October

Action game from Konami and Nude Maker arriving for PSP in Japan.


Senritsu no Stratus, an action game from the makers of Infinite Space and Steel Batallion, will be arriving in Japan stores on October 27, according to a recent announcement on the game's website. The retail version will cost 5,980 yen ($78), while the downloadable version will be going for 5,480 yen ($71.64).

Expect to beat up aliens in anime fashion this October.
Expect to beat up aliens in anime fashion this October.

As a bonus, the retail version will include a 16-page art book featuring original illustrations from character designer Katsumi Enami, who is known for providing the artwork for the role-playing game Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope and the light novels Gun Princess and Baccano!.

Senritsu no Stratus is a sci-fi action game where players control a team of soldiers and have them kill off invading aliens called memes. Gamers will also get to pilot a giant robot called the Abaraki to fight against large memes. Check out GameSpot's recent preview for more information about the upcoming title. Stay tuned for our upcoming coverage on the game at this year's Tokyo Game Show.

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@Caffiene_free: Nope, games are just that expensive in Japan. Couple that with an exchange rate that favours the yen over the USD, and you've got one seemingly very high-priced PSP game. Anime is also like that too. Try $90 for a blu-ray with, like, two episodes on it. >.

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Wait wtf? Am I weird or is 75$ for a psp game weird???

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Sounds like an interesting game, unfortunately will probably never hit Western shores...:(

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if this was for PS3 I would import =/

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Why werent i born in Japan...