Send Us Your Fight Night Champion Questions!

A demo of EA's latest boxing sim has arrived in the GameSpot offices. What do you want to know?


Fight Night Champion
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In case you haven't heard, the latest entry in EA's venerable Fight Night franchise will be taking a slightly different approach from previous games in the series. Dubbed Fight Night Champion, this latest game in the series will be the first to feature an "M for Mature" rating. At first glance, this has the potential to offer a more brutally authentic boxing experience than we've seen before. After all, we are talking about a sport where two men pummel each other repeatedly here.

But, naturally, diehard Fight Night fans will probably have far more questions than just "How bloody is it?" Fortunately, EA has just sent us an early build of the game. We're looking to see what kind of questions you guys have about Fight Night Champion. Curious about the roster? The Career mode? How authentic Manny Pacquiao's facial hair looks? Whatever you want to know, leave a comment below and we'll answer the most interesting questions in another blog entry next week.

So what are you waiting for? Post some questions!

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