Sen victorious at Taiwan Open 2014

The zerg player snatched first place after disposing of Hyun in the finals.


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Mostly overshadowed by a heavily hyped ProLeague final which took place at the same time, the Taiwan Open 2014 happened without attracting much attention despite players such as Leenock, JaeDong, Bomber, Taeja, Hyun and Sen participating. Spread evenly within the bracket, the Korean superstars surprisingly fell quickly. Favourite Taeja exited the competition in the round of 16 and by the time the semi-finals were rolling, Hyun was the only Korean representative standing.

Games one and two saw each player take a map as Hyun's ten pool was successful on Overgrowth, but was easily countered on King Sejong Station. Splitting a map each again, Merry Go Round went in Hyun's favour after an excellent defensive play, while game four was Sen's zergling retaliation. This scenario repeated itself one last time until we were at the final game seven of the series. Sen scouted a baneling bust and quickly built static defenses in order to hold the incoming wave. Quickly transitioning into roaches and with a better economy after the failed bust attempt, Sen rolled over Hyun and took home the trophy.

In a best-of-seven thriller, Sen managed to defeat ROCCAT.Hyun and take the first foreigner victory in a premier tournament in 2014. The last non-Korean to win a premier was Snute in 2012

Taiwan Open 2014 Final standings:

  1. HKA.Sen - $10,000 750 WCS points
  2. ROCCAT.Hyun - $5,000 500 WCS points
  3. yFW.Has - $3,300 375 WCS points
  4. yFW.Ian - $2,700 375 WCS points

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